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Zander Blue Dragon

Zander Blue Dragon

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Dragons have captured the imaginations of countless people throughout history, and Zander, the fabulous Blue Dragon stuffed animal, will no doubt do the same! Cerulean blue colors with an alluring tie dye gradient creates a marbled pattern that adds to Zander’s fantasy appearance. Eager to take part in a fantastical adventure, he sits up on his haunches and unfurls his handsome pair of wings. Along with his belly and chest, they’ve been accented with shimmery materials that will captivate and enchant. Contrasting the blue color of his body, Zander’s head has been detailed with coppery orange spikes. One look into the bright, golden eyes of this striking plush Dragon and you’ll know that your destinies are intertwined!

Weight: 4.1 oz

Dimensions: 8 × 5 × 11 in

Age: 24 Months & Up

SIZE:12" Tall

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