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Things You Can Do Book

Things You Can Do Book

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Learn what things you can do right now to reduce your carbon footprint with this inspiring, accessible, stunningly illustrated book based on Eduardo Garcia’s popular New York Times column.

“This beautiful and practical book on the climate crisis is for people of all ages, packed with wonderful pictures, powerful stats, and sound advice.”—Mike Berners-Lee, author of There Is No Planet B

Award-winning climate journalist Eduardo Garcia offers a deeply researched and user-friendly guide to the things we can do every day to fight climate change. Based on his popular New York Times column “One Thing You Can Do,” this fully illustrated book proposes simple solutions for an overwhelming problem. No lectures in Things You Can Do—just accessible and inspiring ideas to slash emissions and waste in our daily lives, with over 350 explanatory illustrations by talented painter Sara Boccaccini Meadows.

In each chapter, Garcia digs into the issue, explaining how everyday choices lead to carbon emissions, then delivers a wealth of “Things You Can Do” to make a positive impact, such as:
•  Eat a climate-friendly diet
•  Reduce food waste
•  Cool your home without an air conditioner
•  Save energy at home
•  Adopt zero-waste practices
•  Increase the fuel efficiency of your car
•  Buy low-carbon pet food
•  Hack your toilet to save water
•  Slash the carbon footprint of your online shopping

Delivering a decisive hit of knowledge with every turn of the page, Things You Can Do is the book for people who want to know more—and do more—to save the planet.

Printed on 100% recycled paper

256 Pages | 6 x 8 


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